Circular Clear

This is a match-three puzzle game that was inspired by Spirograph. The player can use keyboard to spin different rings to make same element aligned, thereby to clear them. In the meantime, the spinning operations would create a unique Spirograph as a side effect.

Game Design

There are many elements distributed on 3 rings. The goal is to make the same elements aligned on a straight line. To achieve that, the player can spin each ring using key S D F, J K Lrespectively.

As shown in this image,the yellow and green elements are aligned in one line respectively, thus each of they can be cleard.

A normal Spirograph works in this way:

source: wikipedia

If the circle keeps spinning, we only need to change the color of path or the position of the pen, many beautiful images can therefore be created.

Game Prototype

By combining both concepts, here is the game Circular Clear.

How to play

  • Use key S D F, J K L to spin these rings
  • If there is a three-match, press SPACE to clear them


A lo-fi playable version can be downloaded here:
Windows: Demo